OCSC is the central information and community development hub that the Orange County tech startup community needs to get to the next level.

Mission of OC Startups Council

Not an Incubator or Accelerator.  No Fancy Conferences.  No Consulting Services, Equity Stakes, or Sales Pitches. 

Software and high tech startups only - no life sciences or medical devices.

We’re focused exclusively on sharing information to connect and publicize everyone’s efforts in the OC high tech startup business ecosystem.

With no programs or services of our own, we started this community service association simply as a volunteer effort to better connect friends, neighbors, organizations, and the entrepreneurs next door from across Orange County.

Our combination of startup company directory and resource partner listings, newsletters, publicity opportunities, and events is helping to promote and pull together the fragmented OC technology startup ecosystem.  

Our association is not building anything new, just helping connect and accelerate the relationships between everyone interested in early stage startups in our region.

Our team of volunteers has decades of experience growing both startup and non-profit organizations.  Together with friends, sponsors, and volunteers from around OC we are using this platform to better connect and communicate and build relationships to help Orange County grow.

The Mission of the Orange County Startups Network includes:

  • Supporting local Founders of early stage ventures to establish and grow profitable new high tech and software startup businesses in Orange County.

  • Working with community partners and organizations to create a fun, friendly, inclusive community that offers easy on-ramps and road maps for startup success in Orange County.

  • Welcoming and outreach services as a friendly Point of Contact for new arrivals, first time Founders, corporate partners, community organizations, governments, and investors considering business in Orange County.

  • Evangelizing to spread the word about the great lifestyle, talent pool, startup support services and organizations, and growth opportunities in Orange County.

  • Making new friends, having fun, sharing knowledge and experiences, and giving back to create a positive and mutually beneficial cycle of business growth in Orange County that helps our community.

Please browse around our website to learn more about our startup ecosystem directories, events, membership benefits, and sponsorship opportunities. Or contact us here.



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Scott Fox is the CEO and Founder of the OC Startup Council.

After years of corporate, startup, community, and non-profit leadership roles in New York, Silicon Valley, London, and Los Angeles, Scott Fox saw a need for a friendly, inclusive resource dedicated to helping first-time founders and early stage startups succeed in Orange County.

The OC Startup Council was founded thanks to the many relationships Scott developed through years as a pioneering serial Internet entrepreneur, an investment banker and attorney, 3x best-selling author of entrepreneurship books, advisor to startup founders worldwide, angel investor, and the host of the MasterMinds Startup Founders Coaching Forum and the popular MasterMinds OC Startup Accelerator workshops.

With the help of sponsors who share a commitment to accelerating the Orange County technology ecosystem, we’re pleased to invite you to join us!

Scott Fox Conference Speaker Keynote Istanbul

PLEASE join us TODAY!  And bring your friends, too!  :)