Starting a New Company in OC?

Starting a new company orange county

As a new startup company founder, there are a LOT of things for you to do...

If you'd like some help, the volunteers of our Welcome Wagon service are friendly, well-connected local experts available to you.


Our startup company "Ambassadors" are startup veterans, experienced mentors, attorneys, investors, recruiters, real estate brokers, agencies, government officials, academics, and many more who want to see your new venture succeed in Orange County.

Please select the “Welcome Wagon Inquiry” on our Contact Form here to email us with details of what kinds of people or resources can help you accelerate your new company.

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OC Startups Welcome Wagon

Want to Volunteer as an OCSC Ambassador?

Your expertise is welcome! We’re always looking for friendly local OC professionals interested in helping us advise and mentor new startup founders.

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