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CreativeMornings/OC: Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder

Hear how Tommy Perez takes two dimensional pieces of paper and brings them to life in the most mind-blowing fashion possible.

Join them Friday, June 28, 8am at OC Museum of Art.

Our sense of wonder is the code for tapping into our most creative selves. It enables us to expand our horizons and encounter parallel universes that haven’t been explored yet.

According to the classical Greek philosopher Socrates, “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” By drawing us out of our typical patterns, wonderment reconnects us with our ability to marvel at new and beautiful things.

We all have the capacity for wonder; but why do we lose sight of it?

As our lives get busier, we tend to streamline our schedules and relationships to become more efficient. We want to know what will happen and when it will happen. But extraordinary things occur if we make room for the unexpected.

When we leave space in our plans, we create magical conditions for our imagination and thoughts to collide with one another. And it is from these sparks that our best ideas are born.

About the speaker:

Tommy Perez is a freelance multidisciplinary maker based out of SoCal. With a love for storytelling and collaboration, he crafts amazing compositions with paper, produce and props. A self-described ‘designer, doodler & frequent paper krafter’ it's the unusual materials he uses in creating monumental 3D works that make his portfolio so diverse!

From bacon bits and wonton wrappers to construction paper and glue, the mediums used are worked into vibrant compositions and colorful creations.

Tommy has collaborated with clients all the way from 20th Century Fox, Adidas, Coke and Facebook, to Fossil, Marvel, Nickelodeon and Target.

When he’s not making fun stuff he enjoys skateboarding and root beer floats. Hear his story at this event!

Please register here to attend.
Tickets go LIVE on Monday, June 24 at noon!

Thanks to Creative Mornings/Orange County for offering this local startup event, the details, and the graphic!